GKT 3s 12/13

Captain: Alex Clubb

Age: 20-22

Height: 6ft 3"

Weight: 85kg

D.O.B: 22/6/1991

Year joined: 2010       

Position: CM

Nickname(s): The Shōgun

Goals: About 5 - one Huddlestone-like screamer though


2010/11: UH Cup

2010/11 and 2011/12:  2x player of the year




GKT 3s 3 – 1 Royal Holloway 3s (LUSL Saturday League)


(GKT 3s are relegated from LUSL Saturday Division 2)



GKT 3s 5 – 2 LSE 2s (LUSL Saturday League)

Goal(s): Danny Plaxton (2), Matt Sharp, Benn Cobau, Collins Ogundayisi



GKT 3s W – W Queen Mary 3s (LUSL Saturday League)

(Walkover awarded to Queen Mary 3s)



GKT 3s 2 – 4 Imperial 3s (LUSL Saturday League)

Goal(s): Benn Cobau, Matt Sharp



GKT 3s 1 – 4 KCL 3s (LUSL Wednesday League)

Goal(s): Collins Ogundayisi



GKT 3s 3 – 2 GKT 4s (UH Quarter-Final)

Goal(s): Jamie Cartland, Benn Cobau, John Whitehouse



GKT 3s 3 – 2 SSEES 1s (LUSL Wednesday League)

Goal(s): Danny Plaxton, Sheran N, Matt Sharp



GKT 3s 0 – 4 Queen Mary 1s (LUSL Cup Quarter-Final)

Goal(s): --



GKT 3s 0 - 0 UCL 5s (LUSL Saturday League)




GKT 3s 5 - 2 St. George's 2s (LUSL Wednesday League)

Goal(s): Matt Sharp (2), John Whitehouse, Alex Clubb, Collins Ogundayisi



GKT 3s 3 - 3 SOAS 1s (LUSL Cup)

(GKT 3s win 4 - 3 on penalties)

Goal(s): Mike Ehima, Alex Clubb, Collins Ogundayisi



GKT 3s 7 - 3 LSE 4s (LUSL Wednesday League)

Goal(s): Matt Sharp (3), Ram Kumar, Danny Plaxton, Aran Sivakumar



GKT 3s 2 - 2 LSE 3s (LUSL Saturday League)

Goal(s): Matt Sharp, John Whitehouse



GKT 3s 2 - 3 Imperial 4s (LUSL Wednesday League)

Goal(s): Matt Sharp, Imperial Own-Goal



GKT 3s 3 - 1 Royal Holloway 1s (LUSL Cup)

Goal(s): John Whitehouse (2), Matt Sharp



GKT 3s 2 - 2 Queen Mary 3s (LUSL Wednesday League)

Goal(s): John Whitehouse, Matt Sharp



GKT 3s 0 - 2 SSEES 1s (LUSL Saturday League)

Goal(s): --



GKT 3s 2 - 1 KCL 3s (GKT/KCL Challenge Cup)

Goal(s): Matt Sharp (2)



GKT 3s 0 - 3 GKT 4s (Pre-Season Friendly)

Goal(s): --

Result: GKT 3s 4-1 Goldsmiths 3s

LUSL Football Division 3, 2013/14

After a successful pre-season, regaining match fitness and instrumenting a new passing regimen, we faced a challenge all 3s captain's prior have feared. Winning their first game of the season. After a fearce battle, inspired by passion, fitness and unrelenting grit. We persevered. I left the pitch humbled and brimming with pride over everyone's performance. We started slow. Struggling to bring the ball down and play simple passes. However, we dug in and fantastic attempts by Mani Sanghera, Alexander Clubb and Virron Chahal to slow the pace began to persevere. This culminated in a 50:50 ball being won by GKT and Matt Sharp caught a volley superbly on the edge of the box, crafted on the outside of the right boot took it far away from the fleeting keeper.  We continued our late first half dominance with top performances and battling from Sam Hanlon, and Jamie Cartland, keeping the ball and fearlessly winning tackles. The second half began with end to end scrapping. We struggled to keep our heads in the game and a monetary lapse from a flawless defensive performance cost us a goal. Nevertheless, the 3s never give up. The fight began. We battled for every ball! Wanted possession and weren't going to let a malcontented opposition throw us. Sam Hanlon wins a tackle after some incredible footwork. John Whitehouse steps up to whip a ball in. The ball travels true towards the penalty spot, it catches a small deflection and past the keeper. We know it's ours, we know our strength and fitness can win through. We make changes for tired legs. John Whitehouse and Matt Sharp now form the strike force. An in-form Alexander Kyriacou steps into LM and Lucien Green man's the RM role. Our next chance comes from Lucien Green through to Matt Sharp. A well weighted through ball, Matt Sharp rounds the keeper and stares into the unmanned net. He strikes it true, as the team begin to celebrate, in tragedy, the ball hits the post. It travels back out to Matt, he stedies himself and strikes at goal. It hits the bar. It travels back out to John Whitehouse who can't convert with a header. Rush Sylva has a bite at the cherry. No success. Corner.  It wasn't long before Matt Sharp put things right though. A lofted through ball and a strong gambling run allowed him to loop it successfully over the keeper. Fantastic finish. With the clock running down a fantastic peformance from Christian Jenkins and Solomon Olukoya kept everything solid. Backed up by Radek Tkaminski in goal. With a top, confident and acrobatic performance holding the opposition at bay. 

Finally, Rush Sylva picks up the ball and delivers a 'pick of the day' through ball to John Whitehouse who takes it down and puts it past the keeper with an effort on the outside of the left boot. The fruits of our labour's were bountiful and for all to enjoy. I write this with pride and  passion for GKT. The battle is won, but the war is long. 

In the eyes.