GKT 4s 12/13

Captain: Balrik Kailey

Age: 23

Height: 5ft 10"

Weight: 75kg

D.O.B: 05/12/88

Year Joined: 2011

Position: CM

Nickname(s): Bazza, Suarez

Goals: 10

Honours: --


GKT 4s 4 – 1 Queen Mary 5s (LUSL Wednesday League)

Goal(s): Paul Malcolm, Samson Agboola, Ade Oyegoke, Mike Nosa-Ehima



GKT 4s 3 – 2 St. George’s 2s (ULU Cup Semi-Final)

Goal(s): Ali Forouzanfar (2), Elmi Elmi



GKT 4s 5 – 0 RHUL 6s (LUSL Saturday League)

Goal(s): Paul Malcolm (4), Ade Oyegoke



GKT 4s 6 – 0 ICSM 3s (LUSL Saturday League)

Goal(s): Paul Malcolm (2), Balrik Kailey (2), Zab Abdul, Mike Nosa-Ehima



GKT 4s 2 – 1 Imperial 7s (LUSL Plate Quarter-Final)

Goal(s): Zab Abdul, Yele Bademosi



GKT 4s 4 – 2 LSE 6s (LUSL Saturday League)

Goal(s): Ali Forozanfar



GKT 4s 2 – 3 GKT 3s (UH Quarter-Final)

Goal(s): Balrik Kailey (2)



GKT 4s 3 – 1 Goldsmiths 3s (LUSL Wednesday League)

Goal(s): Ali Forozanfar



GKT 4s 7 – 1 SSEES 2s (LUSL Plate Last 16)




GKT 4s 6 - 1 RUMS 4s (LUSL Saturday League)

Goal(s): Ade Oyegoke (2), Zab Abdul, Mike Nosa-Ehima, Paul Malcolm, Balrik Kailey

Report: --



GKT 4s 6 - 1 Royal Holloway 5s (LUSL Wednesday League)

Goal(s): Mike Nosa-Ehima (2), Zab Abdul, Elmi Elmi, Paul Malcolm, Ade Oyegoke

Report: --



GKT 4s 5 - 0 St. Bart's 3s (LUSL Saturday League)

Goal(s): Paul Malcolm (3), Mike Nosa-Ehima, Elmi Elmi

Report: --



GKT 4s 0 - 1 Roehampton 1s (LUSL Wednesday League)

Goal(s): --



GKT 4s 3 - 0 Imperial 6s (LUSL Saturday League)

Goal(s): Fisnic Maxhuni, Zab Abdul, Wilfred

Report: "This game was a long way away. After a few minor mishaps at Paddington we arrived to be told we were playing on a 3G pitch. However, the 4’s did not panic and played out a first half in extremely turbulent conditions into a heavy headwind. The team struggled to get to grips with the wind and pitch but slowly hit their stride and played some fine, flowing football akin to 4’s team of lore. Zab looked dangerous down the right wing and it was a Zab-Fiznic combo that resulted in a tidy finish by the latter to score the opening goal. After this the 4’s continued to control the match and pressed even further and ended the first half on top. The second half team talk took place behind the bicycle shed. The 4’s came out invigorated after the break with a new look formation, 4-2-3-1. Working with a cracking tailwind the 4’s started extremely brightly with some very clever football leaving Imperial struggling to control with the fluid midfield. Although chances were there Imperial’s defence were resolute and the 4’s were guilty of failing to convert their pressure. However, the second goal did come 15 minutes into the second half. Wilfred received the ball on the edge of the area and laid it off to Balrik who played it through to Zab who slotted a dubious finish through the keeper’s legs at the near post. The final goal wasn’t long coming with virtually the whole game being played in Imperial’s half. Wilfred easily dispossessed their central defender and slotted it past the keeper. A very assured victory against a potential ‘bogey’ team. The 4’s season has got off to a good start and hopefully we can carry on our pre-season form and continue our good start in the league."

Man of the Match: Zab Abdul



GKT 4s 1 - 1 KCL 4s (GKT/KCL Challenge Cup)

Goal(s): Paul Malcolm



GKT 4s 3 - 0 GKT 3s (Pre-Season Friendly)

Goal(s): Morgan, Balrik Kailey, Ade Oyegoke

Report: "The 4s got off to a great start with a well-earned 3 - 0 victory over their third team counterparts. In a game that saw the introduction of a host of new faces on both sides, it was the ‘old boys’ who were pulling the strings early on. Balrik Kailey and Yele Bademosi had their work cut out in the midfield against a resilient Rush Sylva and Alex Cubb. Both sides created chances early on, but there was nothing clear-cut. With the game threatening to become a back and forth between the two sides, it was the 4s who drew first blood. A corner cleared first time by the 3rd team defence fell only as far as fresher Morgan who hit a lovely strike from outside the area to give the 4s the lead. GKT 4s upped the ante for the rest of the half and restricted the 3s to a few long range efforts. The second half continued in the same vein as the first, with the 4s playing some good football. GKT were soon rewarded for their effort, with Captain Balrik making his way into the box after one of his trademark storming runs only to be brought down. Balrik still managed to squeeze out a shot, deflecting cruelly off 3s defender Lewis Whittingham to double the lead. The 3s on the search for a goal were held by some great 4th team defending, who with 10 minutes to go put the game well beyond doubt. Winger Mandeep (Manny) Basra made a darting run down the wing, cutting the ball back for Ade Oyegoke to let off a crisp, first-time shot from the edge of the box for 3 – 0."

Man of the Match: Paul Malcolm

Renewing Old Rivalries - A Brief History of GKT4s vs GKT5s, Tuesday 22nd October 2013

United vs City, Arsenal vs Spurs - both great rivalries. But let's face it, like The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix Reloaded pales in comparison to The Matrix, they are just not as spectacular nor will they be remembered as much as the GKT 4s vs GKT 5s, a contest that never fails to make fireworks.

There is heart. There is passion. There is The Elephant. A mythical vessel that the losing captain in the 4s/5s derby must consume. Usually situated at the back of The Griffin,  it comes out to be filled with Gin, Beer, and any other condiments of any other random assortment of edible combinations that never should be mentioned in the same sentence. This writer does not have definitive proof, but is fairly certain that Andre Villas Boas does not do a punishment drink when his side loses the North London Derby.

What of the history? Scholars maintain (That is, as far as our records go back, the 03/04 season) the 4s and 5s have clashed on a regular basis since the 5s were promoted from the old ULU Division Four back in 04/05. ULU Division Four I hear you cry? What in the name of punguins is that? Well up until 11/12, when the majority of University of London teams joined the newly formed LUSL (London University Sports Leagues) all teams played in the University of London Leagues, and were spilt into six divisions, Weekend One, Weekend Two and then Divisions One to Four.

And from 04/05 until 10/11 the 4s and 5s did battle twice a season. No quarter asked, no quarter given. I could go on, but One Hundred More tired metaphors relating the competition between the sides to epic wars would not be enough. This is the stuff of legends that will long be remembered by graduated doctors, dentists and biomeds for decades to come.

The results? Pictures sometimes speak louder than words (even if they are mainly composed of words)



What can we learn from these statistics? Its bloody tight. Like a tiger. The 4s had the edge for five out six seasons, but the 5s were a thorn in the side throughout. The 09/10 season lives longest in the memory of 4s old boys,  when the 5s famously prevented the 4s (under the captaincy of current president Wisam Al-Faidah) from gaining promotion with a 1-1 draw. Similarly a year later the 5s won 7-2 in a crazy fixture where the 4s turned up to Honor Oak Park with only seven players.


In 11/12 however, shockwaves were sent through the GKT footballing universe. Under the stewardship of Council Member Danny Eckford the 5s achieved something the 4s had never done and won promotion to Division Two. Questions were asked if the 4s and 5s should switch names for the following season.


A compromise was struck. The 4s would remain the 4s, but if they did not win their newly formed LUSL saturday league then the names of the teams would switch for the following season. A dark day for all affiliated to the 4s. But to quote the well renowned District Attorney from Gotham City, The Night Is Darkest Before The Dawn and 12/13 was possibly the most succsssful in the history of the 4s, winning both their wednesday and saturday leagues, and even bagging a cup to boot.


And onto 13/14. In both the wednesday (Division One) and saturday (Division Four) both the 4s and 5s are together, and will face off once again after a season break. Will the aggression and fight of previous fixtures still be there? Could tomorrow's game be the first step for either side on a league title winning push to the as of yet unheard of step to being in the same league as the 3s? 


And more importantly, who will take the elephant?

Result: GKT 4s 2-0 Kings College 5s,

LUSL Football Division 4, 2013/14

Fresh from their victory in The Challenge Cup, GKT FC 4s were looking to open their LUSL Saturday League campaign with a bangarang.

It was a fresh faced 4s team who lined up on derby day. With some legends missing it begged the question, can you really win anything with kids? The game got off to a scrappy start. This is to be expected when you squeeze 22 players onto a boggy postage stamp pitch.

'KCL 5s were BANG UP FOR IT! In the first 15 minutes they won more tackles and aerial battles than any KCL oppo' I've ever faced.' Claimed Brown Striker in his post match interview. Soon GKT got their passing game underway and their class began to show. They got the ball moving and shaking like Sir Francis Bacon, playing their own brand of Alex Collins certified 'Totes Football'.

Possession stats at for the first half showed 90% in favour of the home side but they were unable to convert any of the 37 chances they created.

HT Score 0-0

The headless chicken chasing corn strategy of the Tweedy husband and wife managerial team didn't pay off for KCL 5s.

The 4s beastly fitness began to show through and after the introduction of Bazza and Joe Seary the headless chickens became the legless chickens. Surely it was only a matter of time now? Captain Paul Malcolm has yet failed to replicate last season's goal scoring form, I wonder if he's succumbed to third season syndrome? Chance after chance he squandered and the crowd soon began to chant, 'Paul Malcolm, he scores once a month!' He refused to comment after the match but a poorly spelt tweet sent late last night seemed to hint at trouble in paradise for the flamboyant Welshman: '@pmalcs: giiiiinninngg meeeee is easyyyy cos i can't scre anymoer'

Inevitably the 'Totes Football' prevailed and Yaya Elmi smashed both the net and KCLs lingering hopes of a point. The home fans fanked Alex Collins for solidifying their lead late on. The final whistle was welcomed by KCL 5s who's second half objective was simply damage limitation. I think it was a solid home performance overall from the league favourites who will surely be looking to build on this platform of success, if they find the goal scoring form to match their 'Totes Football' the sky s the limit!